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Witchcraft and Wizardry

Principal: Tudorbeth

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In commemoration of six consecutive generations of witches and wizards

The College was established by its principal, Tudorbeth. With 40 experience in Wicca Magic, and an hereditary witchcraft ancestry stretching back over six generations, Tudorbeth is also a professionally qualified teacher with an Honours Degree in Religious Studies.

Students of the College, therefore, benefit from highly professional training derived from an education in the Craft that comes from over vast experience and ancestral heredity in this vast area of study.

The College specialises in teaching Heriditary Wicca, which is Celtic in origin; stemming from Scottish, Irish and Welsh ancestry and magical traditions.

Following and working upon the basis of Tudorbeth’s work and writings (see Magic Books) all Magic courses within the college emphasise the practical steps to living and working with magic. Our courses translate Tudorbeth’s ancestors’  knowledge into a powerful guide for today, teaching how everyday objects can be transformed for use into traditional magical persuits.

Following a deep tradition of respect for the Earth and using the old ways for modern uses, students discover the esoteric and mysterious world of Wicca Magic from its roots to present day rituals, Wicca culture and wisdom.

About The College

First Degree Level Course

“ Magic is all around us.” - Tudorbeth - First Degree Level Witchcraft Course

“ Witchcraft is a living breathing invisible form in its own right. It lives forever; growing, evolving and thriving with each new generation of practitioner. Witchcraft goes beyond belief for in its essence lies the craft through practise and evolving processes of magical manifestation in living form.”

 -  Tudorbeth -


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